Today I saw the beautiful new edition of Mr Punch, by me & @DaveMcKean. (If you liked OCEAN then you should read it.) So proud.View more Neil Gaiman on WhoSay

Today I saw the beautiful new edition of Mr Punch, by me & @DaveMcKean. (If you liked OCEAN then you should read it.) So proud.

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I Didn’t Write This | Ep. 8: Dark Sonnet by Neil Gaiman

I Didn’t Write This is a new literary adaptation series in which I adapt and direct excerpts of poetry and literature written by other people. New episodes once a month, usually. Subscribe, maybe? 

Directed by Yulin Kuang

Starring Whitney Milam

Voiceover by Mary Kate Wiles

Shot by Alyssa Brocato

This is great.

FAME AT LAST. #EverySimpsonsEverView more Neil Gaiman on WhoSay

FAME AT LAST. #EverySimpsonsEver

View more Neil Gaiman on WhoSay

THE BOOK JOB’s coming up on #EverySimpsonsEver. I expected a cameo, was amazed and delighted to get a real part. With plot & acting, etc.

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reivaxm asked: Hello. I was reading Coraline again and something hit me: are Miss Spink and Miss Forcible a couple? Thanks, have a nice week :)



nivydear asked: I have an unabashed friend crush on you, and a tattoo of your wife on my arm. Drunk on this bottle of wine may not be the best way to introduce myself to people I respect so much... but hey, Amanda Palmer changed my life, and you are an amazing writer that helped me bond with both an ex-boyfriend and my best friend. And hey... bottle of wine, whoo!



pheebsw asked: Mr. Gaiman, have you ever written a story you weren't excited about because you knew it would sell or receive positive reviews?

I’m hard to get excited about things. And I am very aware that a novel that takes 18 months to write is going to have days when you’re excited and days when it’s a grind and days when you wish you had a proper job that didn’t involve putting words down on paper.

I always think something’s a good idea when I decide to do it, though. And I try to remember that on the grind days.


I want to spend a day in the mind of Neil Gaiman, honestly. 

You really don’t. It’s weird in here. Also I think that thing over there in the corner of my mind is moving.

Don’t look. Maybe it won’t see us.

I just sent this to a friend who wanted to know what The Moth was all about. And I thought perhaps I should put it up for you too.


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