rubyvroom asked: I am curious as to whether you had any input into your Simpsons appearance - make a suggestion like "can I go into the bar and tase Moe?" - or do you just kind of show up and read what they give you? (I have always wondered this about guest stars on the Simpsons)

I got to play around with the dialogue - say things in different ways, improvise, go “I wouldn’t say that, but how about…?” And I wrote some book jacket copy you’ll see if you freeze-frame.

But it was their story. I was merely the vehicle for their satire, the butt of their jests and the yellow-tinged three-fingered source of mockery for all that is decent.

(The episode of ARTHUR I was in, on the other hand, I had a lot of input into, from the initial script talks all the way to the final script and recording.)

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    For anyone interested, the episode of Arthur in question is here, and you should REALLY SEE IF THERE’S A DVD OF ARTHUR...
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