lowercasejae asked: I think I speak for many of (some of? a few incredibly nosy?) your tumblr followers when I ask "How did the kiss-your-wife project go?"

Relatively well - I watched it on the live feed. She played her gig, then went to the pub beer garden, people went over and kissed her and told her it was from me… whereupon she burst into tears. And she cried. And other people came over and she got a lot of hugs and pecks on the cheeks, but did not get pashed once, because it really obviously wasn’t the right thing to do when someone is crying, or trying not to cry…

If anyone has written a blog about it or has footage, please send it over here and I’ll reblog it, so people can learn what it was like to be part of a pashmob from the ground.

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    These two are such an absolutely adorable couple I can’t even handle it.
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