A conduit for love


I am not a spontaneous person. I am the least spontaneous person I know. I read about Neil Gaiman’s Valentine’s ‘pashmob’ for Amanda Palmer on Twitter and thought it sounded sweet and beautiful, and that it would be a wonderful thing to see. My brain realised that I could legitimately get to the Retreat in time and that there was nothing stopping me.

“I can’t do that!” I thought.

“Yes, you could,” said my brain.

“No, no I can’t. I don’t go to pubs and talk to strangers and I definitely don’t kiss musicians on the cheek.”

“But you could,” said my brain.

“But I have stuff that I should be doing and it will be awkward and I’ll be awkward and I really shouldn’t go. I’ll read about it later on Twitter and Tumblr and that will be more than enough. No, no, I won’t go.”

“But you could,” said my brain.

Before I knew it I was out the door and on a tram and a bus and at the pub. Yes, I felt awkward. Yes, it was a bit scary. But it was sweet and wonderful and I successfully talked to people who I didn’t know and I got to witness (and be a conduit for) a whole lot of love and I kissed AMANDA FUCKING PALMER, you guys, on the behalf of Neil Gaiman.

I would call today a successful day.

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