ajmoser asked: So I just read that you got $382,000 from McFarlane. What are you gonna do with all that money?

I read that too. It was a particularly stupid piece of jumping-to-conclusions journalism. All they actually knew was that the judge had ordered that amount of money (which had been placed into escrow for the court case when Todd came out of bankruptcy the last time, as a condition of him getting out of bankruptcy) released from escrow. When the final agreements and accountings were done I could be getting none of it or ten times it.

And I stated when I filed the court case against Todd that I was giving any and all money I made from the legal case to to comics-related charities. Stated it again, every time we won another round.

And it’s still true. I said I was doing it for the principle of the thing, and I was.

  1. ajmoser said: Yay charity!
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