everydayimawkwarding asked: Do you ever write drunk? Or intoxicated in any other way?

My wife describes me as a very bad drunk, and I am a very bad drunk.  She says I have a drinking problem, and I suppose, if you put it like that, I do.

I did not always have a drinking problem. I drank enthusiastically all through my twenties. And then, round about my 30th birthday, everything changed.

My drinking problem is this: I drink alcohol, and I fall asleep. This makes me incredibly disappointing company.

I’m probably good for a glass of wine, or a cocktail, or a slow savoured single malt. But after that, and long before I’m reeling, talking loudly or even more amusing, I will probably lean against something and close my eyes.

So no, I’m afraid I don’t write drunk. I write best while awake, and it’s one or the other.

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  2. muchymozzarella said: I think it’s the safest way to go, drinking yourself to sleep, as opposed to the alternatives :) For insomnia problems, the plan’s to drink a medicine cup of alcohol for sleep.
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