the-heir-of-trickery asked: Oh my gosh, I just saw that there is a movie pitch for the Sandman. Is this for real?! :D

It’s for real.

We did the pitch in July 2005 to Alan Horn and Jeff Robinov at Warners, mostly to explain what Sandman was, and how it could translate into three movies.

They said no.

  1. jhfkkghcjcft5e56 said: i think it would work out better as a series as well, that way there would be more time to tell the amazing story and possible spin offs like doctor who did with torchwood
  2. sharnefarn said: As much as I would love to see live action Sandman, I’d say let Pixar make it and please keep Tim Burton the fuck away from it. ;)
  3. silvariakiralv said: Awww!!!!! :(
  5. dogmanfilms said: Personally, The World of the Endless ( in my opinion) would be best translated as a series. More in the vein of “Game of Thrones”. Meaning longer form narratives inter-related between episodes.
  6. cupcakespookybutt said: D: try again!
  7. goingnowhere9 said: It should also be an animation.
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