jotaro-kuujo asked: I was thinking, do you ever catch yourself getting cocky and thinking "I'm Neil fucking Gaiman!" in any situations? I know fame can get to people's heads whether they want it to or not and sometimes they don't notice it but they get cocky and feel like idiots when they finally realise it and I wonder if it ever happens to you as well.

No. Normally it’s other people (particularly my wife) getting frustrated with me and saying things like “There are a thousand people outside and it is blocking traffic. How could you not you KNOW this was going to happen? You’re Neil Fucking Gaiman” and me going “Er… I didn’t think about it, actually.”

Or the lady at a recent social function who told me all about her Kickstarter, and then came up to me quite irritated several hours later, and told me off for just telling her that I was Amanda’s husband, and not telling her that I was Very Famous In My Own Right.

I guess because going “I’m Neil Fucking Gaiman” does not actually help if it’s me and a blank screen or a blank sheet of paper. And it never gets any easier doing the work. So I don’t actually get a chance to get cocky very often.

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