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I’ve been nervous about approaching you with this question for a while now, not because you scare me but because people scare me. Anyway, I’ve been a fan of your books since I was young and I’ve always admired you, and in a way you inspired me as an aspiring writer. But I recently read a few things wherein you were accused of transphobia, and as a trans* person this upset me obviously. And I wasn’t sure if you’d said anything regarding this issue. I don’t want to sound accusatory, but are you?

I very much hope I’m not transphobic.

I would never be intentionally so — for over a quarter of a century I’ve done my best to listen to the trans people I have known (and still know) and loved (and still love), and have done my best to ensure that their experiences have informed my own writing about trans characters and issues.

I am cisgender myself, which means I’m never going to be an authority on transphobia, or have first-hand experience of the struggles and joys of being trans, but I love and respect the many trans folk in my life and continue to learn from them.

(I’m sorry that people scare you. I hope I haven’t added to the fear.)

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    Why don’t people try to check their facts before they say things? or at least link to the material they find offensive...
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