nakedghosts asked: Please tell me that when you say you're sending beeswax to Miss Fairuza, you somehow magically mean Fairuza Balk?

I do. (I don’t know any other Fairuzas.) We’ve been friends since about 1998. She’s a sweetheart.

She started making candles last year - - and gave me one of her candles as a gift, and I was amazed by how beautiful it was, and how it smelled nice and nothing like scented candles, so I sent her a bunch of beeswax from my hives and told her to do something fun with it.

She made these — — and they are the only candles she’s offering for sale directly to the public. She’s worried they are too expensive, but she didn’t want to do them on the cheap. 

  1. kshandra said: I see that gobbledygookwithconviction beat me to recognizing the elongated Seal of Gallifrey. The depth of awesome here is unfathomable.
  2. finalellipsis said: those are going to sell out so fast now.
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