platypuscontrollingme asked: When you go clothes shopping, do you use the pseudonym James Miller? Did I sell you six shirts in Pennsylvania the other day?

I don’t use pseudonyms, except occasionally for checking into hotels during conventions. (An enterprising young man once called every hotel in San Diego asking to be put through to Neil Gaiman. He finally found my hotel at about 2 am, and they put him through. He didn’t have any plans beyond going “Oh. I mean, are you really Neil Gaiman? What are you working on right now?” And I told him I had been working on being asleep.)

So, no. I’m afraid not.

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  2. motleydragoncat said: Cooo! I bet you have some really unusual pseudonyms. Could you give us any examples?
  3. pantstrovich said: Oh geez. Those hotel people should have known better. So should have the fan for that matter.
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