levi-person asked: Do you write in the margins of the books you read?

Almost never. I don’t like reading books that people have written in the margins of — it’s like having someone nudge you in the ribs and give an unasked-for commentary while you’re reading. I would rather it was just me and the author, and try to extend that courtesy to future readers.

Although honesty compels me to admit I put a small exclamation mark in the margin of David Byrne’s HOW MUSIC WORKS when I reached the sentence “Zé and his music prove that we will always fuck the system up in the most beautiful and unexpected ways.”

  1. amortaldothapproach said: Really? Personally, books people have written in are my absolute favourites.
  2. rozmartinez said: I feel the same way. With one exception. I have the copy of “Brave New World” my mother read many many years ago. Her writing covers nearly as much of the page as the print. I often open it just to see her handwriting again.
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