skulkingwriter asked: I can't help but notice that in that astonishingly awesome cast list there doesn't appear to be an obvious Marquis... I can't identify either of the black actors (I presume) from the Christopher Lee photo, are you allowed to give us names?

I don’t know what I can say or not. But the astonishing David Harewood is the Marquis.

  1. immortalii said: THANK YOU NEIL you have no idea how happy this news makes me
  2. winged said: rebloggable please? the number of people who have been dreamcasting this dream cast with no indication that they realize the marquis isn’t white sort of disturbs me
  3. muchymozzarella said: PLEASE make this rebloggable? :) The marquis makes me more excited than the actors, and I love those actors.
  4. gorgona-chingona said: You have no idea how much this pleases (and relieves) me! *happy dance*
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