defyaugury asked: This may be a little forward, but I've been a fan of yours and Amanda's for a long time, before you met each other, and you both seem much happier than you did before- so- I guess I am just happy you two are happy, and the more happiness the better I think.

It’s true. And you are wise.

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    Couldn’t resist, now that asks are rebloggable. That one time I went to congratulate Neil Gaiman on his marriage and he...
  2. justjohn-jj said: I noticed the happiness in Amanda much more, probably because the first I heard her was Dresden Dolls demos and the second was with you at Bard. WARNING: Do NOT split up with her. You CAN kill with a ukulele, given sufficient time and duct tape.
  3. tiger-face said: Yay!
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