superserum asked: Hi Neil! I'm a Tasmania, here. Just wondering because I read an article about Amanda postponing her appearances at MOFO (and other events) because of a close friend being very ill (my condolences to her), but I'm wondering if you will still be making an appearance?

I am. I’ll be doing my show at MOFO, then Melbourne, then Sydney.

The odd thing is that I was only going to Australia to be with her, and now she’s staying home to help Anthony through chemo. I thought, briefly, about canceling, when she told me she would, but thought that would be a bad thing to do, so I’ll be there.

  1. tiger-face said: Pretty please pester your publisher or promoter or person who plans these things to get a Perth date in the tour, people would love that. I would.
  2. pantstrovich said: I don’t think I can make it to any of your readings, but maybe I will pass you on the street and wave hello. I hope you can have a good time here even without Amanda. She and Anthony are in my thoughts. Lots of love.
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