I am learning this song for Amanda Palmer’s New Year’s Eve gig at Terminal 5 in New York, because when I heard Gerry Anderson had died I said on Twitter that I ought to sing it for him,  before I remembered that I don’t do that sort of thing, and now her band are learning it, and so am I.

You can win free tickets to see an amazing New Year’s Eve gig with me and John Cameron Mitchell as the Cool Special Guest and The Awkward  English One, respectively, at http://www.amandapalmer.net/news/contest-win-tickets-to-see-afp-the-grand-theft-orchestra-on-new-years-eve-2012/

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    from Fireball XL5. I’d almost forgotten about this show. Personally...was a bigger...
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    Mr Gaiman, a man after my own heart.
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