odditiesoflife asked: I was unaware that the painting of the Fairy Feller was unfinished. If you read the caption for the painting by clicking on it, it says that it is just the center portion of the picture. I chose the close up instead of posting the entire picture so people could see the detail at the center. Also the site where I obtained this information said the photograph of Dadd was taken by Henry Hering while Dadd was painting his picture "Contradiction: Oberon and Titania" in 1856. Is my info wrong?

Nope. I’d misremembered which of the two Doctors - Diamond and Hering,  who both photographed the inmates of Bedlam in the 1850s - took the Richard Dadd photo. It was indeed Hering - here’s the original:,2

More Hering photos -

The Dr Hugh Diamond info is at

(Here’s a Diamond photograph:


You’re right that it’s not the complete Fairy Feller…

Readers of the biographies in the back of Sandman: Season of Mists may recognize some of the images, although with different faces…

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