firework-comic-deactivated20130 asked: this probably won't work but I'm at my wits end. I'm a freelance writer (I do travel/niche stuff for magazines) and I'm very poor. I am also a comic artist and feminist blogger I guess. I am asking for donations to go to college on my blogs because I need $5000 in 2 days or I can't attend this art program that i was finally accepted to. I'm sorry, that sounds horrible and begging, but I don't know what to do. If you don't want to respond or post this, that's fine. Thank you!

Not sure that this is the best place to ask or for me to repost this, but just this once. And good luck.

  1. nrodovsky said: Thank you girlfriend, for having the courage to ASK. And I don’t understand how Neil Gaiman doesn’t belittle or shame her, but some of his …”fans?” do? Badly done, fandom. Badly done.
  2. muchymozzarella said: Kickstarter? :o For like, a comic, maybe?
  3. mimeitv said: i’m pretty sure we’d all like extra money to fiance our dreams, our educations, our travels…..
  4. herewhereyouarent said: For the original poster, take it or leave it: Don’t be aggressively cussing out people on the internet, because people who research will be less likely to want to help you. Art school: good luck. If you don’t get in, keep researching and making!
  5. odditiesoflife said: Is there a chance she was asking you directly for money? She does not mention that she would like you to reblog this only. It is written in a round about way.
  6. noise-de-guerre said: parliamentrook, if you think a degree in any subject guarantees you a job, you should think again. There are no guarantees so you might as well do what you’re passionate about. Kudos for having the courage to ask for help. Good luck.
  7. parliamentrook said: well can I also have a few thousand dollars to pay for the loans I took out to go to school? PS if you think an art school degree will get you a job you should think again. work harder, improve, try again for scholarships
  8. anglofile said: I’m glad you published this. I know from experience asking for financial help from people on the internet is hard but people are willing to help. (They’re also willing to hate on you too but I hope she makes her goal.)
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