lookitsaboat asked: Is there a chance that in the future sometime, there might be an Evening With Neil and Amanda type event somewhere near Boston?

Definitely a chance. There may also be some things much odder.

For example, Amanda and I keep trying to show each other some of our favourite movies, and never getting it to happen. So we may do a double bill at a local (Boston area) cinema for a few evenings where we each get to show the other a movie, and then talk about what we saw afterwards…

  1. tuffschist said: Now I wish I lived in Boston instead of Austin … Alamo Drafthouse would totally do this if you ever wanted to try it somewhere warmer :-)
  2. moomootheuglyshoe said: Can you conveniently do that the week between March 5 - March 9? Kthx.
  3. rivervox said: That would be FABULOUS and the Coolidge Corner Theatre is a perfect place for it!
  4. never-tell-me-the-odds said: Yessss
  5. george-orr said: that is a great idea. I suggest the Coolidge, the Brattle is too small for the crowd you’ll draw.
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