froggyphevoli asked: Sorry for bugging you with this, but I don't know who else I'd ask... At what point should one just accept that they're not a good writer? I mean, the whole "never give up/follow your dream" attitude is nice, but most of the time I feel like one of those awful contestants during the first phase of American Idol: Singing may be their dream, but the audience knows damn well that they just don't have the talent, and obviously never will.

One of the most successful writers I know showed me some of his early work, back when he was young and hopeful and so was I, and it was pretty terrible. I mean, more or less unreadably bad. But he kept writing and got good. I think if you’re determined and willing to learn, to read everything, and willing to write, you’ll probably get there. But you need to be willing to learn.

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  3. thedeliriousonceler said: I want to be a writer. Though, I feel like giving up every single day. I feel like I should just die. I don’t know my motivation.
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