codeman155 asked: Hi, first; love your work. Second; has a schedule been put out for your American book signing tour in this summer yet? I tried looking for one and I couldn't find it. And third; is it okay if at the book signing we bring one or two other books for you to sign? If that's okay at least.

Not yet. When it’s announced, you’ll know, I promise. Right now the publicist at Harper Collins is sifting between over 200 requests from book stores (many of them places I’ve signed at that I really like) and trying to whittle it down to about 15, and also trying to bear in mind my demands that I want to do some signings in places I haven’t really signed, like Florida.

And each signing will probably have slightly different rules, and it may depend on how many people turn up (if I have to sign for 2000 people we may have to make it just one thing, if it’s 700 people I’m sure I’ll happily sign a book or two you’ve brought from home).

  1. silvariakiralv said: Ahhh it would be wonderful for you to sign in Florida. I would travel for the chance to meet you!
  2. celelorien said: FLORIDA?! This would make me so incredibly happy. 8D (cough-Orlando-area-cough)
  3. glimpsesandphrases said: Oh, my. Please, please, please come to Florida. Specifically, somewhere in the southwest part of the state (*cough* Estero *cough*) would be amazing. Let’s be honest, though. I would drive 10+ hours to the panhandle if I knew that you were there.
  4. liannecollins said: I would probably die a little if you came to Idaho. That would be beyond amazing. :)
  5. odditiesoflife said: Los Angeles would love to see you!
  6. ellecit said: YAY! Florida! How about Orlando!?
  7. maeanalda said: FLORIDA!! Especially anywhere in the middle of the state! It would be the most amazing thing since I held my hour old nephew and he threw up down my shirt. (I have odd top moments in my life)
  8. anevilslinky said: not that I’m biased or anything but Montana would be a great place to have a book signing
  9. soupandmasochism said: I’m so, so glad to hear you say you’re coming to Florida.
  10. millymcaulay said: NO ONE EVER COMES TO EASTERN OHIO AND IT’S NOT FAIR. Although I would honestly drive to pittsburgh if you go there!
  11. lizbeelionhearted said: Florida wants you here! Florida wants you here so bad!
  12. ashleyisarobot said: It would be wonderful to have you in Denver or Boulder.
  13. mondar said: please Boston or somewhere in southern New Hampshire!
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