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Hello Mr. Gaiman,
I wanted to thank you for the #KeepMoving project you shared with all of us. I was skeptical at first (I am with anything that smells vaguely commercialized) but was so pleasantly surprised by the responses, and by my own responses.
Nobody has ever asked me those questions before, and I really enjoyed creating answers for them, and reading others responses. Seeing how others interpreted them was beautiful. I don’t personally know anyone who’d bother to ask me those questions, or who’d care to know the answers. I’m glad you did. It made me think, and made me feel less lonely. Thank you. I think I’d like to repost the questions and my responses somewhere, and maybe make something out of them. I’ve been inspired!


I do not mind at all — I’d be thrilled.

I originally wrote 24 questions, in case one of the questions wasn’t really working, and was persuaded to take it down to 12, so I will see if I can find the original 24 and put them all up for people to use as yoghurt-starters, for stories or memories or what-they-will.

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