Lots of you out there want to be better writers. The Clarion SF Workshop is the oldest and best thing of its kind: 6 Weeks of intensive writing and learning. It’s basically boot camp for beginning writers. It’s June 23-August 3rd, in two different locations. It’s taught by legendary and awesome writers. And, this year, me.

Clarion (in San Diego) has Andy Duncan, Nalo Hopkinson, Cory Doctorow, Robert Crais, Karen Joy Fowler, and Kelly Link teaching this year. Clarion West (in Seattle) has Elizabeth Hand, Neil Gaiman (me), Joe Hill, Margo Lanagan, Samuel R. Delany, and Ellen Datlow.

They are accepting applications until March 1st. They offer scholarships. You need  to submit some of your writing, and you need to be able to cope with 6 weeks of living with 18 people and writing a story a week, and you need to be willing to learn.

Clarion’s website is

Clarion West is

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