specsbecs asked: I can't find a full cast list for the BBC Radio 4 Neverwhere adaptation and I'm POSITIVE I heard Johnny Vegas as a rat-speaker...was I right? also, the adaptation is perhaps the best thing I've ever heard, in close competition with the Good Omens audiobook :)

You were right. That was Johnny Vegas. EVEN THE SMALL PARTS ARE AWESOME IN NEVERWHERE. (Except for the bloke who does Mr Figgis and the Fop With No Name. He was Rubbish.)

  1. rancorous-questions said: Mr. Figgis was brilliant, though his role was smaller.
  2. alihsi said: Hardly rubbish! I loved how you had very different voices for Mr. Figgis and the Fop with No Name. I had no idea you had such vocal range. :D
  3. sujthechef said: Really? I thought that bloke was awesome!
  4. passeriform said: the kind of rubbish I’m fond of though. I recognized Sophie Okeondo’s voice when I heard her on a documentary the next day, which was just strange.
  5. meowmageddon said: Dunno about a full series cast list, but on the BBC page for the individual episode, they posted the cast list at the bottom. I recognized Mr. Figgis and the Fop right away, haha.
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