nikatta asked: That post about toys and genitalia you just reblogged is kind of cissexist. Gender genitalia does not define gender. (ps I love your writing)

Look at it again - I think you may have read it too quickly. It’s not a post about genitalia defining gender. It’s a post about what toys are appropriate for what genders of children.

The diagram doesn’t say that gender genitalia defines gender: it says (at least as I understood it) that if it’s a toy that you operate using your genitalia, whatever configuration they may be, it’s not an appropriate toy for a child, and other than genital-specific not-for-children sex toys, all toys are appropriate for all children*, wherever the children fall on whatever gender spectrum you can imagine.

*except where age appropriate, obviously. Do not give 3 year olds things with small bits. Do not give any children toys made of lead they can chew experimentally and then swallow because lead is a surprisingly soft and tasty metal. Etc.

  1. so-calm-and-so-sweet said: I would just like to say that this was a very nice response. Corrected the mistake without making them feel bad or that they did something wrong. Plus it had a little safety lesson!
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