leonardwashopeful asked: Could you further explain what you mean by "not yet, not quite" time to cast a woman as the Doctor? Please and thank you :-)

Not really. Other than, if I were show-running I wouldn’t cast a woman as the Doctor yet, and it would absolutely be on my list of things to do in the following regeneration. (I was the one who wrote the line about the Corsair changing gender on regeneration, after all.)

Some of that is stuff I’d find hard to articulate, mostly having to do with what you follow Matt Smith’s Doctor with: someone harder and older and more dangerous and, yes, male feels right to me, as a storyteller. Where you go after that, ah, that’s a whole new game…

It doesn’t have to feel like that to you. We’re talking stories here, and opinions after all, and yours is as valid as mine.

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  3. artazen said: I question why you feel that the Doctor being a woman would change the dynamic so much that you wouldn’t consider a female Doctor suitable to appear after Eleven, or would prefer a male actor, at least. Tbh I’m saddened/confused by this post.
  4. ozziescribbler said: First time I disagree with you entirely, Mr. Gaiman.
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