eraofstories asked: I'm wondering why a woman can't be harder and older and more dangerous. It seems to me like that opinion is in your head, which is fine on some level, except that you're saying again that really, the world isn't ready for someone like me, a woman to be a hero. And I feel like that's not the story telling you that, that's prejudice.

I don’t think that’s what I said at all. I just wrote a book in which three women save the world, and love writing women as heroes. (I loved making Idris in The Doctor’s Wife someone who was smarter and more competent, in her own way, than the Doctor.) What I’m saying is, if I were telling the story, I wouldn’t do that thing at this point in the story. I’d do it next round, because it feels like it would work more interestingly for the story then. 

And yes, women can be old, and hard, and dangerous. I do not believe that I said they couldn’t be these things.  I’d rather see a female Doctor as a reaction to whatever Peter Capaldi is, than as a reaction to Matt’s creation.

  1. moomootheuglyshoe said: It’s interesting that you say “reaction” because I was trying to describe how I think Time Lords regenerate into the person they are, and “reaction” to their previous selves is kind of the idea i was going for
  2. sleeper9 said: I would completely agree with that honestly.
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