I’ve put up one of the other PROBLEM WITH SAINTS videos on Tumblr, but not this one…

It’s really fun, sweet and has zombies in it.

The original mashup of me reading the WHO KILLED AMANDA PALMER CD back cover notes, and Ben Folds’ You Don’t Know Me.

Truthfully, I came close to putting up the YouTube video someone made of this song over shots of the last episode of Sherlock. But I, y’know, hate making nice people cry.

So here is a wonderful fan-made stop-motion film instead. “One Tiny Thing out of Place” by 8 in 8.

Lyrics by me and Damian Kulash, music and singing by Damian, clapping noises by all of us…

Like it says on the YouTube wrapper…

At 8 in 8’s first and only live performance they follow a twitter suggestion to perform a mash up of Ben Folds’ song “You Don’t Know Me” while Neil Gaiman reads a story he wrote for the back of Amanda Palmer’s “Who Killed Amanda Palmer” Album and book project.
Watch in HD for the best audio/video quality.

8 in 8 are:
Ben Folds
Amanda Palmer
Neil Gaiman
Damian Kulash (of OK Go)

Ben on grand piano
Amanda on drums
Neil reading/vocals
Damian on tambourine

The group wrote and recorded 6 songs in 12 hours the night before in a project where they aimed to record 8 songs in 8 hours.

Listen to and Download the 8 in 8 album “Nighty Night” HERE:

Because the Origami - 8in8 from Ben Jacobson on Vimeo.

Another 8in8 Video, this one for “Because The Origami”. Title from the internet, first couple of lines by Ben Folds, most of the rest of the words by me, music by Ben, Damian and Amanda, Ben and Amanda singing. (Video made by Ben Jacobson. I love it.)

The 6 8in8 songs stream and are downloadable at http://music.amandapalmer.net/album/nighty-night