Today: Your morning moment of Amanda (Five days! What a Surprise!) comes with lyrics by me, and Amanda doing vocals in our Inferior 5 of Supergroups, 8in8.

It’s a song about Nicola Tesla.

(8in8 is Ben Folds, Amanda Palmer, Damien Kulash [from Ok Go], and me. As I wrote at the time:

We started existing yesterday at 4 pm, stopped working and named ourselves at about 4 am, having, in the meantime, written and recorded six songs. Tonight we do Our Gig, and then there remains the angry break-up, the bitter recriminations, the bile-filled Rolling Stone article, the VH1 Behind The Music Special, the sad descent into cocaine hell, our tragic but cleaned-up comeback and triumphant mega-tour followed by the night all of our hits will be sung by a succession of hopefuls soon to have their own dreams rudely shattered on American Idol…


Actually, it had a lot more in common with Roger Corman, who, when asked why he’d made the original film of Little Shop of Horrors, explained, “We were going to play tennis but it was raining that weekend.” Amanda suggested we do something interesting, Ben said why not make 8 songs in 8 hours? and Damian and I were seduced and sucked in by their madness. Honestly, if they jumped off a bridge, we’d probably jump off too.