A couple of years ago, just before her death, I was interviewed about the life and art of  Jeffrey Catherine Jones, one of the finest artists in comics (and one whom I was honoured to work with - JCJ did a beautiful Death short story for me). 

I googled for an image from it and failed - but found a mysterious Jeff Jones Death painting from 1999.

(The person in the comments who says it was from the Sandman: Gallery of Dreams
 [1994] doesn’t actually know what he’s talking about. It wasn’t commissioned for it, wasn’t in there and was painted 5 years after said book was published.)

The film, Better Things, is almost done. They need funds to finish it.  If you want to see it, and you should, and I do,  here’s a link to a site with a donate button: http://theartorder.com/2012/03/22/better-things/