The Sandman The Kindly Ones #2


Faux-candles, chocolate liqueur, a LUSH bubble bar, and The Kindly Ones.  Here’s to a day off!

…Why doesn’t LUSH make a special Reading In the Bath bubble bar?

A challenge accepted! now rebloggable…



Neil, are you planning to upload a picture of yourself reading one of your books in that bath?

If we get to 100,000 downloads of Click-Clack from Audible (see last post), and Audible donates $100,000 to Donor’s Choose, I will absolutely upload a picture of me reading one of my books in the bath. Yes.

We all know he’s going to pose clothed in an empty bath, right?

Nope. I’ve already done the bath-fully-dressed thing. (You can watch it at  IF IT GETS TO 100,000 downloads (and that’s a lot) I’ll do a proper nakedy bath. Although I reserve the right to have discreet bubbles preserving my modesty.

(via stoneandbloodandwater)