Lush Update


Check this out!  

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Can’t wait to see what happens.  :-)

If this happens…

Er, I’m not sure. But it would be amazing.

Lush are wonderful, and about 5 years ago they did a STARDUST bath bomb.

Last Friday Amanda went for a walk with Jason Webley, I went for a walk with my kids. I stopped off at the Cambridge Lush, spent too much money buying things that I know Amanda likes (eg massage bars with beans in, and the angels facial scrub stuff) and some of the things that I like (such as the Big shampoo). 

When Amanda got home she proudly presented me with all the things she’d got as presents for me that I’d bought myself, and she’d happily bought herself all the things that I’d bought her. So our friends and family got extra Lush goodies that day…

The Sandman The Kindly Ones #2


Faux-candles, chocolate liqueur, a LUSH bubble bar, and The Kindly Ones.  Here’s to a day off!

…Why doesn’t LUSH make a special Reading In the Bath bubble bar?