Attention Sydney

Hullo people in Sydney

just a note to say the event on the 25th at the City Recital Hall Angel Place seems to be growing, like a misshapen and disturbing fungoid stain on a cellar wall. My favourite string quartet, FourPlay, have now become part of the evening, so the first half of the night will be all about The Ocean at the End of the Lane. The second half will have other stories, music, madness and surprises, along with a Q&A.

There are a few tickets still for sale. Melbourne and Hobart are all sold out.

You can get tickets at


At 6 pm on January the 20th, I’ll be at the Theatre Royal in Hobart, Tasmania. I’ll be doing a few things including  reading an unpublished story - appropriate for all ages, although it’ll probably mean more to adults. Jherek Bischoff is going to be there, making music happen while I read. Ticket details are at The event is close to sold out, I believe, so get tickets now. It’ll be over in time for you to see David Byrne later that evening…
On the 24th of Jan I’ll be in Melbourne, at the Atheneum Theatre, doing an event for the Wheeler Centre. It’s going to be centred around Ocean at the End of the Lane, and for that and for the event in Sydney, Hachette, my Australian publisher, will be giving each attendee a special preview of the book, in the shape of the first three chapters. Tickets and details at
On the 25th, I’ll be in Sydney. The event will be similar to, but probably completely different from, Melbourne’s, although people who come will also get the special limited Hachette novel preview. It’s under the aegis of the Sydney Writers Festival, which is one of my favourite Festivals in the world. Tickets and details at
(Last year I did an evening in Sydney and one in Melbourne. They both sold out fast, so please, get tickets if you want to go. Do not wait and be sad and send me sad messages asking if I can squeeze you in somehow.)


So if you are in Hobart, or visiting Hobart for the amazingly wonderful MonaFoma festival, remember that on Sunday the 20th of  January I’ll be at the Theatre Royal. There are still a few tickets for sale:

And if you aren’t…

It’s looking very much like I’ll be talking/reading/answering questions/making a fool of myself in Melbourne on the 24th of January, and Sydney on the 25th. Neither event is 100% confirmed yet, so this is more of a Keep The Date Free thing.

(And tell your friends.)

Attention Sydney (the Australian one)

…on DECEMBER 28th there will be AN EVENING WITH NEIL GAIMAN  in a theatre somewhere in Sydney (yes we know which one, no we aren’t saying yet). I’ll be reading and talking. The Fourplay String Quartet may be doing something exciting and new with me too, as part of it.


Yes, I know it’s probably not the most convenient day of the year, what with being in the middle of the holidays and all. But that’s when I’ll be there.