Every day we’re highlighting some awesome stuff up for bidding at The Moth Ball Auction! Today, Edgar Oliver and his amazing, distinctive voice.

Wow your friends, and befuddle telemarketers, with a recorded voicemail message from the man who Ben Brantley inTheNew York Timescalled “a spell-casting raconteur who sounds as if he learned to speak in the crypt of a Hammer horror movie.”

Edgar Oliver is one of the most beloved, and recognizable, voices in the New York City theatre scene. His latest one-man show,Helen and Edgar, was critically acclaimed and hisstoriesat The Moth are some of our all-time favorites. 

Who needs Carl Kasell when you can have Edgar Oliver!

We kind of want to bid on this ourselves…

Edgar has the best voice in the world.


The Moth Presents Neil Gaiman: Liverpool Street

Expert in storytelling.

If you’re wondering what the Unchained Tour is like, it’s like this. Only there are four of us, and the stories are very different. (This is me in 2007 telling my story of what happened to me on Liverpool Street Station when I was  15 going on 16.)

This is a story of me aged sixteen. It was recorded a few years ago in New York for The Moth - true stories about things that happened to people…