willpluffindaily asked: I ship you and Amanda so hard, will you please just fucking live together already? your countdown posts kill me. Much love.

I don’t know that we ever will. We have sort of living together plans when she gets off the road in 2013, but we LOVE being apart almost as much as we love being together. 

The three months thing was much too long. (I think anything over three weeks apart is too long.) But I’m loving being home alone right now, and not having to pay attention to anyone except the dogs. I got home this evening, I fixed the house wifi, and walked the dogs, and phoned a few people, and did things on my own, and am really looking forward to sleeping alone for the first time in ten days. I can read as long as I want to, or even write in bed until I fall asleep, which I can’t do if someone is trying to sleep beside me…

And Amanda’s back in Boston tonight for the first time in four months, and am not even expecting to hear from her until around Tuesday. And then I’ll see her on Friday, and we’ll get about five days together.

I cherish the time apart, and I cherish the time together.

I suspect that when we do actually get somewhere for both of us to live, it will have two wings, or rooms, or be two places next door to each other, or across the street. With some places in common, and some places we can be alone. 

(We have completely different theories of what should be in a kitchen, for a start.)

There aren’t any rules to this thing, other than what we make up, anyway. I married someone fiercely independent, except when she wants to not be alone, and am myself rather happy to be on my own, except when I’m not.