Attention Sydney

Hullo people in Sydney

just a note to say the event on the 25th at the City Recital Hall Angel Place seems to be growing, like a misshapen and disturbing fungoid stain on a cellar wall. My favourite string quartet, FourPlay, have now become part of the evening, so the first half of the night will be all about The Ocean at the End of the Lane. The second half will have other stories, music, madness and surprises, along with a Q&A.

There are a few tickets still for sale. Melbourne and Hobart are all sold out.

You can get tickets at

Attention Sydney (the Australian one)

…on DECEMBER 28th there will be AN EVENING WITH NEIL GAIMAN ┬áin a theatre somewhere in Sydney (yes we know which one, no we aren’t saying yet). I’ll be reading and talking. The Fourplay String Quartet may be doing something exciting and new with me too, as part of it.


Yes, I know it’s probably not the most convenient day of the year, what with being in the middle of the holidays and all. But that’s when I’ll be there.